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2/19 – There’s a new study out from Michigan State that says THIS is making us dumber at work. What is it?

A: The Lighting
Winner: John

2/16 –  A new survey says that Americans have 2 months of this every year?

A: Bad days
Winner: Susie

2/15 – The avg. person would give up 1.64 hrs of sleep a night in exchange for THIS?

A: To get a 10% raise at work
Winner: Chris Smith

2/14 –  According to several studies, single people are healthier than people in a relationship and this is the number 1 reason why?

A: They have more friends
Winner: Ted Turner

2/13 – How long did it take Dr. Seuss to write The Cat in the Hat?

A: A year and a half
Winner: Andrew Bateman

2/12 – Over half of us fantasize about this at least twice a month?
A: Quitting their job
Winner: Peggy

2/1 – 2/11 The Dark Days “The man was keeping us down”

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