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November 8, 2017

Q: A recent survey found that 82% of Americans wait to eat dinner for this?

A: Until they find something they want to watch on TV

November 7, 2017

Q: The majority of people have LIED to relatives during the holidays to avoid this?

A: an uncomfortable sleeping situation

November 6, 2017

Q: People who work in offices without this, sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night than people with this?

A: windows

November 3, 2017

Q: An online poll of social media users says this feature makes the online experience better?

A: The “Like” button

November 2, 2017

Q: We loose this one a year, and don’t even think about it. What is it?

A: A Hour during daylight savings


November 1, 2017

Q: 45% of us say we won’t share this food with anyone, not even our kids or our spouse.

A: A sandwich.



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