Weekdays 10:00am-3:00pm

Cindy Maguire has been a OBX resident for a few years
and a part-time resident for many years.
She has always loved the beauty and peacefulness
of North Carolina and finally had the opportunity
to “live her dream” so here she is!

She is the mother of two beautiful adult
daughters (Natalie and Jackie) and is also lucky enough to
be spending her life with her “Mr. Right” aka Mr. D.

When you aren’t hearing her on Pirate Radio 95.3
she is probably relaxing on the beach,
watching football or Nascar,
or cooking enough food for 10 people
even though it is only her and Mr.D…lol

She loves classic rock and 80’s Hairbands!

She has had the pleasure during her
30+ radio career of meeting a lot of bands and
is good friends with many of them.